Let’s look at Bucs receiver Mike Evans’ deal as an example of how a roster bonus works better than a signing bonus.

That high-powered offense would be rivaled by the Raiders’ hypothetical lineup, as a rebuilding Oakland team without a need for JaMarcus Russell would have given Rodgers some immediate support in the form of future Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson.

The number of years guaranteed depend on the contract length, with all or part of the base salaries in the various years of the deal guaranteed due to skill, cap or injury (or any combination of those three elements).

Many of today’s larger deals include roster bonuses for the players in addition to or in lieu of signing bonuses.

The use of a roster bonus helps optimize the cap savings later on in the deal in the event the team wants to terminate the contract early, whereas a signing bonus, as previous mentioned, is prorated over the life of the contract up to five years and can create a dead money deficit if the contract is terminated too soon.

But the problem for Luck began more than two years ago in a game against the Tennessee Titans. Here’s Luck’s injury history since:

When exactly Luck was injured is hard to tell, because the Colts quarterback never came out of a Week 3 game against the Tennessee Titans. He even finished that game by throwing two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to dig the Colts out of a 27-14 hole and lead the team to a 35-33 win.

It was clear, though, that the quarterback wasn’t right.

Maybe a decade or so of stellar support could’ve convinced the city to build the stadium it ended up constructing for its expansion team. But there’s the very real danger that a deteriorating stadium would’ve cost Jacksonville its team. And in the event of that loss, it’s hard to imagine Jacksonville getting another team for a very, very long time.

So let’s imagine that the Jaguars beat the Chargers and Rams to the punch with a move to Los Angeles sometime around 2008-10. With less option to run the show in LA, Stan Kroenke is forced to iron things out in St. Louis, but the Chargers still end up begrudgingly leaving San Diego to join the Jaguars.

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