Dolphins considering $75 million training complex at stadium

Three months ago word leaked that the Dolphins were expected to have a new training facility within four years. Now comes news that they might practice where they play.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins could build a training facility on team-owned land just west of Hard Rock Stadium. The privately funded complex would cost around $75 million and open in two years.

NBA officials will tell you that we’ve seen this before, a phenom receiving big bucks, arriving amid much fanfare. But they’re kidding themselves and they know it. No one has gotten this much this soon, no one has ever entered any league under so much scrutiny. The three-year, $10.8 million rookie contract he’s getting from the Cavaliers is Monopoly money to James, who has endorsement deals worth more than $100 million. I’ve been around the game for 40 years, says Cavs coach Paul Silas, and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s scary.

The 39-year-old Brees needs 1,496 yards to pass Manning, and Brees is 51 touchdown passes behind Manning.

The two have played in nine Pro Bowls together and played against each other in Super Bowl XLIV, where Brees took home the MVP award.

The Texans, who are represented by attorney David Gregory of the law firm Locke Lord, stress that such a reporting clause is essential for the team to accurately measure cheerleaders’ workloads: If the Texans do not know a cheerleader is working hours, the Texans cannot ensure she is paid for such hours. As the litigation develops, it will be interesting to see whether, and how, the cheerleaders notified the team of the time they spent working.

The litigation may also delve into whether the cheerleaders are exempt from the FLSA. If they are exempt, then the cheerleaders would lose the argument that the FLSA commands that they are owed overtime pay and minimum wage. Anticipating that the Texans might argue the cheerleaders are exempt, the cheerleaders insist that they are nonexempt—meaning, among other things, that they would be entitled to overtime pay if they can prove that they worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

Shanahan, as Falcons coordinator, with McVay, then the Redskins’ coordinator, and Washington coach Jay Gruden in 2015.

McVay to this day still has many of Gruden’s mannerisms. This was even more pronounced early in his career—something Shanahan and others would tease him about. The two young Redskins coaches admired one another, but their lives were not aligned for a close out-of-office friendship. McVay was a bachelor; Shanahan had a wife and young kids. They also have different personalities.

Wide receiver Pierre Garçon played for both Shanahan and McVay in Washington and now is with the former in San Francisco. He describes McVay as more playful, but touts Shanahan’s dry humor, which even after six years, can be hard for the veteran to detect. He’ll crack a joke when you’re not expecting, he says. And now he’s the head coach, so it’s even harder to know if he’s serious or not. When young guys come in, they’re not sure if he’s messing with them or if he’s being serious, because he keeps such a straight face.

They also see a game with its recent past and immediate future in mind. They don’t just spin a rolodex and pick out a play and hope it works, says Cousins. They have a reason for every play they call. And I think in coaching that isn’t as common as you think. A lot of coaches feel comfortable just pulling plays out of a hat and hoping a few of them work.

If the Niners and Rams fulfill expectations, plenty of NFL teams will start searching for the next young offensive-minded head coach. LaFleur’s background with both men, especially if it’s coupled with a strong performance from a Titans offense that lacks speed at wide receiver and is partly reworking quarterback Marcus Mariota, would propel him up many lists. (Though brace yourself for a cold dismissal if you bring this up to him. We’re just trying to get the next practice right, he says.)

Teddy Bridgewater: He’s got curb appeal

Bridgewater goes into camp as the default veteran No. 2 despite being as new as Darnold to the team. After signing a one-year, $6 million deal in March, Bridgewater’s possible outcomes range from impressing Bowles and Bates enough to steal the job to getting cut because of poor play or setbacks with his knee injury.

In between those extremes, Bridgewater can prove he’s fully healthy and flash with both his arm and athleticism. In that case, with anything short of a dazzling camp, he can still lose out to a steady McCown but develop into a stronger trade commodity in the preseason.

Bills running back LeSean McCoy has been accused of domestic assault, child abuse, animal abuse and steroid use. The accusations were made in an Instagram post uploaded Tuesday afternoon.

An NFL spokesman confirmed to Sporting News that the league is reviewing the matter.

Instagram user miamor_i_adore posted a photo of her best friend with a bloody face, which she alleges came from McCoy’s abuse. The woman in the photo is Delicia Cordon, who has had an on-again, off-again relationship with McCoy in the past.

Foles collaborated with Joshua Cooley, a minister from North Carolina, to tell the story of how the quarterback’s faith played a role in his career.

President Donald Trump on NFL players going into locker room for anthem: ‘Isn’t that worse than not standing?’

After unsuccessful stints with the Rams in 2015 and Chiefs in 2016, Foles mulled retirement but he said through prayers and talking with his wife he decided to keep playing. He was given another opportunity with Philadelphia in 2017 where he stepped in after the Eagles lost starting quarterback Carson Wentz to a season-ending knee injury in December.

Not only did he become a Super Bowl champion, but he was also named the game’s MVP.

The Bears last season were tied for 20th in plays that went 20 or more yards and tied for 25th in plays that went for 40 or more yards. Cohen is a threat to break a big play with every touch; a good way for Chicago to get out of the Fox hole and more on the attack.

Part of having LeBron James on your team is having a few old friends of LeBron James on your team — hoarding roster spots best used on prospects.

Even champions who manage to stay afloat when stars leave — say, the current Heat — often end up in 45-ish-win purgatory, with hefty cap sheets. It’s unclear if a team of that sort, even while hosting a couple of playoff games, is in better long-term position than a gutted post-LeBron Cavs team. It might even be clear that it isn’t.

Ironically, losing Irving for such a shaky return could give Cleveland easy and immediate access to the tank route. There are some around the league who would argue the Cavs have accidentally left themselves with a better long-term situation than they would have been in with Irving, Love, and some picks in the middle of the first round.

Most of those forfeited picks turned into nothing of relevance today: Furkan Korkmaz, Harry Giles, Caleb Swanigan. Korver has more than justified the price Cleveland paid — a tank-proof top-10-protected pick.

Krause finished his Hall of Fame career with 81 career interceptions. That may not sound like a lot, but the only active player in the NFL with more than 36 is 39-year-old Vikings cornerback Terence Newman, who has 42.

In 16 seasons with Washington and Minnesota, Krause finished eight with at least six interceptions and two with at least 10. For perspective, there isn’t a single active player in the NFL who has topped six interceptions more than twice in his career.

Krause did most of his damage as a free safety before retiring in 1979. His 81 interceptions will almost definitely sit in the record books forever.

Of the unbreakable interception records here, Richard Night Train Lane’s 14 interceptions in 1952 has stood the longest, but is also the most breakable. Still, the odds are that it’s going to be safe for a very long time.

Let’s look at Bucs receiver Mike Evans’ deal as an example of how a roster bonus works better than a signing bonus.

That high-powered offense would be rivaled by the Raiders’ hypothetical lineup, as a rebuilding Oakland team without a need for JaMarcus Russell would have given Rodgers some immediate support in the form of future Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson.

The number of years guaranteed depend on the contract length, with all or part of the base salaries in the various years of the deal guaranteed due to skill, cap or injury (or any combination of those three elements).

Many of today’s larger deals include roster bonuses for the players in addition to or in lieu of signing bonuses.

The use of a roster bonus helps optimize the cap savings later on in the deal in the event the team wants to terminate the contract early, whereas a signing bonus, as previous mentioned, is prorated over the life of the contract up to five years and can create a dead money deficit if the contract is terminated too soon.

But the problem for Luck began more than two years ago in a game against the Tennessee Titans. Here’s Luck’s injury history since:

When exactly Luck was injured is hard to tell, because the Colts quarterback never came out of a Week 3 game against the Tennessee Titans. He even finished that game by throwing two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to dig the Colts out of a 27-14 hole and lead the team to a 35-33 win.

It was clear, though, that the quarterback wasn’t right.

Maybe a decade or so of stellar support could’ve convinced the city to build the stadium it ended up constructing for its expansion team. But there’s the very real danger that a deteriorating stadium would’ve cost Jacksonville its team. And in the event of that loss, it’s hard to imagine Jacksonville getting another team for a very, very long time.

So let’s imagine that the Jaguars beat the Chargers and Rams to the punch with a move to Los Angeles sometime around 2008-10. With less option to run the show in LA, Stan Kroenke is forced to iron things out in St. Louis, but the Chargers still end up begrudgingly leaving San Diego to join the Jaguars.

Wait … Matt Kemp is a star again?

Kemp has gone from a punchline on worst contract lists to the front of the comeback player race — and not even the Dodgers saw this coming.

It’s always good to take these wide-lens surveys of the game, whether you’re a writer, a fan or the commissioner. We should always be open to discussion about baseball’s place in the culture and its bid for your disposable dollars. Baseball has always been subject to evolutionary forces, is evolving right now as these words sink into your left cerebral hemisphere, and will evolve in the future even after we’ve all tapped into the universal subconscious. You can’t stop it.

While we’ve been preoccupied with the possible directions of this evolution, it feels like a couple of key parts have been overlooked.

One: The game is still really fun and compelling. Sure, you run into contests where the strikeouts and pitching changes seem interminable. There are a few markets where there are currently too many low-stakes games, an unfortunate by-product of too many teams rebuilding at the same time. But in a few years, those same teams will be all-in trying to win.

Honestly? It’s not bad. It’s not as stately as the previous logo, which looked like it belonged on a medieval battle flag, but it’s not bad. Especially when you pretend the mane is actually a Jaromir Jagr mullet.

Will Atlanta’s hot play earn Brian Snitker top manager honors and Freddie Freeman an MVP trophy? Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Most Emergent Team: The boring way to put this is that it goes to the team that has increased its average win total in my simulation model since the beginning of the season. That team would be the Atlanta Braves, who have improved their forecast from 73.2 wins to 89.0. This is real, Braves fans.

The Vanishing Team: The converse of the Braves has been the Baltimore Orioles, whose forecast has dropped from a sad 72.7 to a tragic 56.6. And they haven’t even traded Manny Machado, Zach Britton and Adam Jones yet.